from by Boston Kronik

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The title of this song is a play on words. Contrapunctus, is a musical term used to describe two, or more, melodic lines coming together or crossing each other in harmony to form a linear relationship... Sarcastically, sardonically, or ironically, i use it to describe the opposite connotation of harmony, meaning discord...it can also mean, a counterpoint.
The US government, under the direction of their true leaders, the Zionists...go to any country they choose and implement terrorism, under the guise of " protecting " the citizens from whichever threat they've concocted to cover their own terrorist activities. In reality, the Pentagon had a plan to destabilize, " 7 countries in 5 years " ...(as reported by General Wesley Clark)
Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon...and as an aside, Yemen. Take a look at which countries currently need, ' aid ' ...then ask yourself, why do they need aid? Who caused said destruction? ISIS? Al-Qaeda? The Taliban?
Bullshit! The US government has either funded or supported ALL of these factions. So, who is the real terrorist? Now ask yourself, why would you ever support terrorists? The answer to the end of terrorism is to dismantle the US government. Now ask yourself, why did Trump, refuse visas of ANY citizen from these countries recently? Coincidence?...
come on...


Born to die with your memory in your eye...
mouth agape with terror as you float up to the sky
Down below, where to Earth your corpse will go...
rot into the soil, future generation's oil...
and your government will use you for the resource that you are
your countrymen will praise you for your death
Planted in the ground, just beneath their bloody flag
they pushed their weight around just to have something to brag
someone else to kill in the name of our ' good will ' and then we're gone.


from Punxuation, released January 30, 2018


all rights reserved



Boston Kronik Rockland, Massachusetts

Solo musician with influences ranging from King Crimson to Carcass, Bad Brains to Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath to Rudimentary Peni. Butthole Surfers to Syd Barrett.

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